LIGHTBODY is a brand of handmade textiles and wearable art.

Continually changing, the brand aims to celebrate and modernize traditional ways of making textiles. Taking influence from the Hui’piles worn by indigenous Mayans in Guatemala, to the floor length kimonos of Japan- LIGHTBODY looks to different forms of dress from all over the world in order to help preserve beautiful traditions and learn from the diverse ways humans have developed to adorn the body and express personal and cultural identity. It is our hope that each textile and wearable artwork wraps the owner(s) in love and beauty and is a reflection of the divine magic we see all around us. Additionally, we are committed to making work in an ethical, environmentally sustainable, and responsible way. For more information on our commitments to environmental sustainability please visit our material sourcing page.

Above all, LIGHTBODY celebrates fiber and textile art, utilizing textiles as an art medium. So call it what you may- fashion, wearable art, avant-garde, couture, or just clothing and home textiles- we are on a never ending journey of creation, seeking always to make something new.